Thank You ABC Casting!!!

Here’s some awesome news, ABC Casting made me a finalist in their 2018 ABC Discovers Digital Talent Competition!!! Thank you ABC Casting #ABCDiscovers #Finalist #YoAdrianIdidit

The Disappearing Act: A Snapchat Short

Here’s a Snapchat Short film that was unfortunately rejected by the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival

Fun Facts :
– Everything was shot on Snapchat. shot on Hillery Baker ‘s Phone
– We had to shoot it in chronological order
– At one point we were worried that the batteries would die killing the movie
– Hillery Baker is a real magician
– No bunnies were hurt during this shoot
– It was really cold outside
– The Silent Film Cue cards are actual Cue Cards that Hillery printed out and we filmed them in sequence during the shoot
– Again no Rabbits were hurt during this shool