Denis Ooi was born in Essex, England where he spent the first part of his childhood, at age nine his family moved to Zurich, Switzerland. In 2008 Denis relocated from Zurich to the  United States where he currently resides. He is fluent in English as well as German and Swiss German.

His first film role was the comedic character “Prince Claude” (an eccentric billionaire) in the New York-based feature film “Love is a Broadway Hit” produced by Terence Chang (Face/Off).

– In 2018 Denis was a finalist in the ABC Discovers: Digital Talent Competition.

– In 2017 Denis was cast as the Disney character Kam DeMarco in Disney’s marketing campaign for “Pandora: The World of Avatar.”
He also hosted the opening of the park with James Cameron and Bob Iger in front of the international press.


Bilingual English and German
Accents: British, German, French, Swiss German, American, Swiss Army (Yes that’s a real thing), Anti Aircraft Missile training, Golf (somewhere between a 12 and 20 hcp), Former Swiss Banker in both Switzerland and the United States, DJ (CDJ’s), Anti-Aircraft Missile Training (I suppose that’s a special skill), Drivers License (Denis can drive stick)
Yoga,,  Fire Arms Training, Beginner Karate


Green Card Holder, British and Swiss Citizen, Resides in the USA